Cleresden Meadow - Spring 2016

Cleresden Meadow has produced spectacular results although one may be forgiven for thinking that it is just a sea of Ox-eye Daisies. Closer inspection reveals many other species of wildflowers coming through which are being recorded and photographed as they come into bloom. These provide nectar and pollen for a whole host of beneficial insects as well as looking absolutely fab. Each year it will go on getting better and better.


Bulb Planting Day - Autumn 2015

We planted 500 native daffodil bulbs along Farleigh Road verge leading to the village. Surprisingly it didnít take us very long at all and as we still have a fairly long section to complete.  Iím afraid next year I shall be ordering many more bulbs! The reward is the delightful Spring show along the road side and tea and biscuits for our helpers.


Tree Planting Day - Autumn 2015

Thanks to all who turned out to plant the tree whips donated by The Woodland Trust. Luckily we had a dry morning and soon had a good system going where David and Pete dug the holes and the rest of us popped the trees in with canes and spiral guards.

Great result! We certainly worked up an appetite so thank you, Mary, for the lovely hot soup and rolls and thanks to Pat for the scrummy chocolate cup-cakes.

A New Hedge For Southlea - Autumn 2009

The weekend dawned fine and warm for the hedge-planting project which made a lovely change from some of the more severe weather under which we usually labour!

In all, 70 volunteers, adults and children, many from Southlea, put in 1,200 British native plants. These were mainly hedging such as hawthorn, hazel, and blackthorn, to link up a small wooded area at Pensdell to the existing hedge behind Chapel Walk.

A more diverse variety of plants were also included to enhance the new habitat. The choice of plants was governed by range of wildlife they would attract and the measure of food and shelter they would provide. The whole stretch was then undersown with wildflower seed collected from around the parish over the summer months. This should become a rich nectar bank for beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.


De La Rue Get Stuck In!-  Winter 2009

In February 2009, 25 volunteers from De La Rue in Basingstoke spent an afternoon on a team-building day out in Cliddesden. With 3CGís members, 15 of them planted 550 hedge trees all over the bund that surrounds the farm grain-dryer while the other 10 planted more trees around the village schoolís playing field.


Farleigh Road - Autumn 2008

Creating an understorey beneath the trees along Farleigh Road next to Pensdell Farm. This narrow strip of woodland started life as the hedges that bordered the old road from Cliddesden to Basingstoke. It has been neglected since the new road was built in the 1970s and many trees are now old and some have toppled during severe winter storms. 

The addition of native hedgerow plants along this strip of land will provide a more attractive habitat for many species of wildlife.