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3CG Doing something positive for nature

Have you read the headlines? Thousands of miles of hedgerows and acres of grasslands lost Species of wildflowers, animals, birds and insects in decline or lost Traffic noise, pollution and congestion damaging our quality of life! Land and the landscape destroyed as if it were an infinite resource! A population unable to sustain itself from its own natural resources! Our climate is changing!

Whilst many of these big environmental issues are beyond the capabilities of a small local group, some can at least be influenced and we believe we can and should.

3CG Cliddesden Community Conservation Group

For example: 3CG, for its first project, planted 2,300 native trees along the field boundaries of the M3 Motorway; to help shield the village from traffic noise, absorb air pollution and increase the diversity of plants, birds, animals and insects.

We formed in 2004 and became a registered charity.

The objects of the group are to “Conserve, Enhance, Regenerate, and Create a thriving natural environment, including the flora and fauna, in and around Cliddesden for the benefit of the Community as a whole. This includes such activities as creating or improving habitats for wildlife, plants and trees etc, educating the community in environmental matters, and representing the community environmental interest to decision makers, official bodies and others who may have influence on or affect the environment”.

We want to encourage people of all age groups to participate. Families, teens, seniors and the local schools to participate in surveying or improvement projects, and we are always seeking volunteers to undertake various roles. We organise interesting social events presenting environmental topics as well as programmes of work identified by the community as a whole from researching habitats to making improvements to them.

Every plant we put in the ground is native to the British Isles and is grown in England. The trees are grown from seed collected here in Hampshire and mainly supplied by Burntwood Nurseries who manage the whole operation from seed to tree.

Our thanks go to the landowners who kindly allow us to carry out our projects, to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council for their generous grants towards the project costs and to the Woodland Trust and Cliddesden Parish Council for their contributions to the funding needed and to all the volunteers who give their time and effort into bringing about the success of our work.

3CG Open day

3CG's Open Day in Sept 2004 at Cliddesden Village Hall











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